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hp_weekend_fics's Journal

Escapism is Free and Guaranteed

HP Weekend Fics
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Art by Henry Lamb.
Layout (Your Biggest Flan) by thefulcrum.

hp_weekend_fics is a community dedicated to those that love to write and/or read long fics where plot rules.


♥ A new single fic of at least 25k in length, posted Friday night
♥ Dedicated posting of chapters of one long completed fic (~10k a night or every other night)
♥ When no new fics are available we will post a rec of a beloved older fic of 25k

We will be starting with m/m slash fics, but eventually we'd like to post two fics per weekend one of slash and one of het, femmeslash or gen depending on the fics that are offered to be posted to the comm

In addition, on Saturday nights, a weekly round-up of stories of 25k or greater from ficfests, bigbangs, etc… will be posted.

You can check out our calendar to see upcoming fics.

New Stories of 25k for any pairing and genre are welcome. Please remember the following when deciding if you'd like your story featured:

1. The audience is geared towards enjoying long plotty fics.
2. The standard header is required along with Appropriate warnings(Whiteout is allowed), ratings and Disclaimers. We have provided a header to use at the end of the artist' section.
3. If your story is cross-gen, ages of the pairing will need to be listed. Our readers are international. marguerite_26 put together this nifty Age Disparity Index for cross-nextgen.
3. As there is the possibility that a large number of readers will be reading your story at the same time, conversations on the comments page might break out. Hurtful comments and flames are discouraged and will be removed by the mod; however, readers discussing the plot, characters, scenes, etc... between themselves will be allowed
4. No linking to fics on archived sites. Your story must be posted on LJ. PDFs are allowed or a site that allows stories to be posted in full length and then a link bringing the user back to LJ to comment.

Posting of chapters fics will also be encouraged but will have to meet the following conditions.
1. The story is new.
2. The story is complete (minus last minute edits). No WIPs.
3. A new chapter will be posted every day or every other day.
4. Each chapter should be at a minimum of 10k (except the final chapter, which may be shorter). This can altered if it's not a natural break.

If you would like your fic to be featured on a weekend or posted over a week or two, please PM (send a message to) hp_weekend_mod.

We would love art to be part of this comm. If you'd like to do an illustration for an upcoming story, let us know. We will let you know which story types and authors are on the calendar.

If you do serial, flash story, or comic strip art, those would be most welcome here to stand on their own. *nods*

Warnings, ratings, disclaimers are required. You may use the header provided below.

1 The comm is moderated. Only those posting their stories/art will be able to post.

2 We know writing a long fic takes time, and so does reading a long fic. It's a time investment for both. This is one of the few places where a long fic is welcomed and won't be met with sighs but with *grabby* hands and where plot is the focus, not porn (er, sex scenes are more than encouraged but as part of the story). The readers are anxious to be carried away into your world. So put in that extra effort and pour on the polish. Betas and Britpickers are highly encouraged.

3 Can you post your story someplace else on LJ (DW or IJ)? Of course! You don't have to write your story exclusively for this comm. This comm should be seen as an additional place to post your long story. In other words, no exclusivity. We do accept charity fics (i.e. help_haiti, help_chile, livelongnmarry. However, we don't accept reposting of fest stories after reveals.

4 You will be banned from this community if you whine to the author/artist about who tops/bottoms. We're very Sirius about this.

hd_complete Your source for completed h/d stories over 10k. It is run by the wonderful grey_hunter.
Open for other affiliations to collections of long stories.


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